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The Kobe scenery from the montain side and the ocean side is different.
Near our hotel, there are many cruise ships, such as a harbor cruise which can board while enjoying a meal, and we believe you feel a boundless expanse of ocean and also you can enjot the view of theRokko-san mountains in daytime.
At night, the cruise ship which can see the longest suspension bridge “Akashi Kaikyo Bridge” in the world is also recommended and you will be definitely affected by the sparkling view from the cruise.

Cruise (5-minutes walk from hotel)

  • Concerto
    • After departing Kobe Port, Concerto takes you to Osaka Bay toward Akashi Kaikyo Bridge. Their restaurants offer superb dining experiences. Enjoy live musical entertainment including piano performance that is sure to generate memorable cruise experience.
  • Luminous Kobe 2
    • Luminous Kobe 2 is one of Japan’s largest restaurant cruise ships at 4,778 tons gross and total length of 106 meters. Its day cruise will impress you with Kobe’s cityscape and the view of Kobe Airport and the scenic Rokko mountains, and the night cruise will steal your hearts with the illuminated Akashi Kaikyo Bridge and Kobe’s million dollar view of its night skyline. They offer the chef’s special Mediterranean-style French cuisine using ample seasonal ingredients as well as a steak buffet grilled by the chef right in front of your eyes.
  • Fantasy
    • The Cruising Cafe Fantasy takes you on a mini 45-minute cruise around Kobe harbor. The boat departs and arrives at the terminal which is a few minutes walk from us. You can buy tickets at the terminal, which include an image of one of the trip’s scenic spots.
  • Ocean Prince
    • This pleasure boat is the first sailing boat launched into Kobe Port. During the 45-minute cruising, you can enjoy the scenic attractions of Kobe seaside including Kobe Airport along with Akashi Kaikyo Bridge in the distance.
  • Royal Princess
    • This luxury pleasure boat is the largest of its class in Kansai. During the 40-minute cruise you can savor the scenic attractions of the Kobe seaside, including Kobe Airport, along with the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge in the distance. The spacious deck area and a canteen are fully equipped for your needs.

Sites (5-minutes walk from hotel)

    • “The Landmark Tower of the Port City of Kobe”
      From the top floor, visitors can see both the harbor and the cityscape in a large panorama with the Rokko mountains along the horizon.
      Enjoy the spectacular view—from the sea and blue sky during the day to the glittering nightscape.
      All four directions feature a panel and audio landscape guide, the tables are accented with heart-shaped downlights,
      and the ceiling offers a romantic reproduction of the season’s starry night sky.
  • Kobe Maritime Museum
    • This museum focuses on the history of the Port of Kobe with exhibits relating to the port, a bountiful ship model collection, an exhibit on the Kawasaki Heavy Industries Group with over a century of history in Kobe, and many exhibits of products used on the land, on the sea and in the air. Each room contains various exhibits to stimulate not only children but also touch the hearts of men, such as a 0-series Shinkasen in which you can sit in the driver’s seat, a motorcycle or jet ski that you can ride, and a large-scale real helicopter that you can touch. Experience the “brilliance of technology” and the “importance of craftsmanship” at this fun museum for people of all ages where you can learn while you play.。