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The area of Kitano-cho in Kobe, contains a number of western-style residences or ijinkan at the foot of Mt. Rokko, north of Sannomiya Station.
Kobe’s ijinkan date from the early Meiji Period and Taisho Period of Japanese history and were built after Kobe was opened as a Treaty Port in 1869.
The Kitano-cho area has the best preserved ijinkan in Japan though there are smaller areas of such foreigners’ houses in other former Treaty Ports such as Yokohama, Nagasaki and Hakodate.

Getting there

  • 30-minutes by City loop bus from Nakatottei( Porttower)
    OR 10-minutes walk from Kobe Station of Japan Railway (JR) , 2-minutes to Sannnomiya Station of Japan Railway (JR) , and 15-minutes walk from Sannnomiya Station of Japan Railway (JR) OR 10-minutes by taxi from hotel