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Le Pan Kobe Kitano

April 2012. After many guests complimented the breads offered at breakfast at La Suite and said that they wished to purchase some, an exclusive bread and sweets kitchen was secured. Based in the desire to offer authentic bread and sweets to guests, “Le Pan Kobe Kitano” was born.

Le Pan cultivates different varieties of natural yeast for appropriate use with different breads. Furthermore, the dough is originally blended with wheat flour to achieve higher quality, and preparation and fermentation are fine-tuned to align with each day’s climate. The patissiers strive wholeheartedly to provide the best bread every time. All breads offered at La Suite at breakfast, lunch, and dinner are earnestly made, one by one, by the boulangers of Le Pan.

Since its inception La Suite has advocated for the concept of “cuisine terroire” (locally produced and consumed), and the same applies here. Local Hyogo ingredients have been used whenever possible, including Hyogo Prefecture milk and wheat flour, Tamba black soybeans and adzuki beans, the Tajima specialty of tochimitsu (horse chestnut flower honey), etc. Additional ingredients have been carefully selected from all over the world. The sweets offered in Lounge and Bar, Restaurant Le Cœur Kobe, Teppanyaki Kokoro, room service, and the entire building are each handmade by Le Pan patissiers.

Le Pan offers a gift selection so guests can give heartfelt gifts to someone special. Special orders can also be taken depending on circumstances, so please feel free to ask.


  • Sweets and Bakery
  • Location: 2-7-4 Yamamotodori, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi

Business hours

  • 8:00 AM-7:00 PM

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