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The carbonated springs are blended with carbon dioxide gas, and minus ions are generated when the bubbles pop. The aromatic, aerated waters relax the skin and muscles. In the nanomist sauna, a low temperature of 43℃-45℃ (109℉-113℉) fully induces a refreshing sweat without failing to provide relaxation. The rain mist shower is a constant flow of fine mist from the ceiling.

Various courses are offered, including oil massage where guests can choose from among five different oils the one that suits their physical disposition and tastes, slimming massage, endermologie and thalassotherapy, facial care, etc.

Spa Shop
Without concern for brand, the best products have been chosen using cutting-edge information. Of course this includes basic skincare and body care products, but also a wide variety of other products including beauty devices, beauty drinks, and more. These can be used as room amenities, as souvenirs, or as presents for yourself or someone special.

Facility details

  • [Women Only] Spa & Esthetic Salon
  • Location: 2nd Floor

Business hours

  • Spa/Spa Shop
    • 7:30 AM-10:00 PM (Last Entry 9:30 PM)
  • Esthetic Salon
    • 1:00 PM-10:00 PM (Last Entry 8:30 PM)

Important Points
*Facility use is restricted to ladies ages 12 and up.
*Guests with tattoos or other body art (paint, stickers, etc.) are asked to refrain from spa use.
*In order to warm the body in the spa prior to treatment, guests receiving esthetic treatment are asked to arrive 60 minutes prior to their reservation time.
*If a guest arrives late to their appointment, their treatment time may be shortened.

Special offers